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Our idea

Originally we started with Changepoint 2008 as a classic management consultancy and we were able to learn a lot in numerous negotiations about the lived purchasing processes. On the basis of this experience, we have been working with expertist since 2016 to digitize consulting purchasing in order to make it possible for our customers to purchase consultants much better. Our main focus here is on making the process easier for the customer and making better use of the competition in the consulting market than it is nowadays. Hereby we can benefit from our many years of experience in dealing with customers and consultants.

What connects us?
The thrill to shape businesses and markets in an hanseatic committing manner

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We are part of the Supplytechs network. Supplytechs is the startup network with a focus on purchasing. It supports you with the digitalization of your purchasing by accompanying you with the selection and introduction of the suitable tools.