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Benefits for you as a service provider

expertist brings together independent management consultants, IT consultants and interim managers with clients of the German medium-sized businesses. With expertist you are automatically informedabout suitable projects With expertist you are automatically informed about suitable projects and you can negotiate easily and digitally with the end customer.

Modern negotiation

Negotiate transparently and digitally with the end customer. expertist automatically informs you about new projects, the status of your applications and the progress of the negotiation.t.

Optimal matching

No more unsuitable project requests. With expertist you need less time for project acquisition and have more time for the essential.

Evaluation of the providers

Get meaningful references from customers fast and easy via expertist. References through expertist are displayed directly in your applications.

New chances

Use the opportunity to win new customers with references and a qualified application. Apply directly to the end customer with expertist and without preselection.

Only end customers

You only have to convince the end customer verified by an expert.

Flexible pricing

Determine your own salaries on the base of the concrete competitive situation from project to project.

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