expertist brings together self-employed business consultants, IT consultants and interim manager with clients from German medium-sized businesses.

We provide three different options: a bidding procedure, a tendering procedure and an ad hoc tendering procedure. No matter which module the customer chooses to realize his project, you can quickly and easily post your application.

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The project cycle at expertist

Submit a project

The current projects and all details can be viewed after logging on to your customer account page.

Application phase

After that the application phase begins. If the project is of interest to you, you can apply to the project with a letter of motivation and an anonymous profile.

Expert selection

After the application deadline has expired the customer chooses those experts that shall be invited to participate in the bidding procedure. To do so, the customer is provided with the experts' anonymous profiles and letters of motivation.

Start of offer

The bidding procedure starts. You enter your offer price. You can continuously update it throughout the bidding process. Your ranking will show you where you stand with your offer in comparison to others so you can align it if necessary.

End of offer

The contact data of the three experts that offered the most attractive price by the end of the bidding process are forwarded to the customer.


The customer can now contact all three experts, conduct personal interviews and only then decides in favour of one expert. The contractual handling is simply done via expertist.